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Say Hello To NBA's Relocation Committee

Bumped. Let's go! -- TZ

The NBA has announced the relocation committee that is considering the potential relocation. Jerry Buss has been replaced by Clay Bennett, and Greg Miller and Glen Taylor make up the two spots we didn't know before. The other spots belong to Mickey Arison, Peter Holt, Ed Snider and Herb Simon.

Below, you'll find contact info for the seven members and a brief letter I'd like you to consider sending, of course with any modifications or additions you like. I urge everyone to keep it positive. This is about advocating on behalf of Sacramento, not disparaging the Maloofs, the people of Anaheim or the commissioner.

Here is the letter. Contact info after the jump.


Dear ______,

As a Sacramento Kings fan, I'd like to urge you to ensure that the hundreds of thousands of Kings fans who live in the Sacramento area are a primary consideration in your consideration of a potential application for relocation by the Maloof family. We all know it's difficult to make money in a smaller market. But as the Spurs and Jazz have shown through the years, with cooperation and smart management it can be done.

The NBA needs markets like Sacramento, and fans like us. We supported the Kings strongly through the lean years, and have two of the five longest sell-out streaks in NBA history. Only a sharp downturn in team performance combined with continued high ticket prices and the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression knocked Kings' attendance off its permanent perch near the top of the league. Sacramento has supported the Kings through thick and thin, and I know all NBA owners can appreciate that loyalty. We'd like to see that loyalty reciprocated.

If the Maloofs are allowed to move to Los Angeles, the odds against small and middle markets will become even more stacked, and the L.A., New York and Chicago franchises will have even less reason to negotiate fair revenue sharing with the small and middle market teams, the bread and butter of our league. A vote for relocation to L.A. is a vote for league consolidation in the giant markets. That doesn't serve the NBA's coast-to-coast fan base, and it amplifies the very real financial challenges the league faces.

Sacramento Kings fans would love to be a part of the dialogue going forward. Please contact me if you have any questions about what the Kings mean to Sacramento.

Best wishes,

________ , [email address]

Contact list:

Mickey Arison:

Glen Taylor:

Clay Bennett:

Peter Holt:

Herb Simon:

Ed Snider:

Greg Miller: