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NBA Playoffs Thread, 4/24

"Here's the Easter Rabbit, hooray! / Making like funny, hooray! / I am getting looney tuney, touched in the head. / This whole thing is gooney, I should have stood in bed. / Hens work hard the eggs to lay, then I give them all away. / Crazy Easter Rabbit, hoorayyyy!"
Bugs Bunny, Easter Yeggs, 1947

Miami @ Philadelphia, 10 AM Pacific, ABC. Miami leads the series 3-0.

Boston @ New York, 12:30 PM Pacific, ABC. Boston leads the series 3-0.

Orlando @ Atlanta, 4 PM Pacific, TNT. Atlanta leads the series 2-1.

L.A. Non-Clippers @ New Orleans, 6:30 PM Pacific, TNT. Non-Clippers lead the series 2-1.

Quick Poll after the jump for the conversation starter - Happy Easter, everyone!