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Ron Burkle, Darius Anderson And One More Year Of The Sacramento Kings

Deep in the Sacramento Bee's round-up on the Sacramento Kings relocation saga from Wednesday's edition:

[Darius] Anderson, who is well-known in political circles, has worked closely with Johnson and Councilman Rob Fong in recent weeks and was at the center of the fundraising effort that put together the corporate pledges.

Anderson, you'll remember, is the Sonoma developer and lobbyist who is Ron Burkle's connection to the scene. When Burkle entered the picture some weeks ago (with it going public two weeks ago), it was Anderson making the connections behind the scenes. Darius Anderson is the glue behind the Kevin Johnson-Ron Burkle relationship.

And Anderson "worked closely" with KJ and Fong and "was at the center of the fundraising effort."

Begs the question: what does Anderson know about the Maloofs' financial situation (can they last another year without a Samueli infusion?) or the NBA's thinking?

Wild times.

(Hat tip to Mark Kreidler.)