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Pausing to Catch My Breath


While outposts such as "Bullets Forever" and "Canis Hoopus" focus on the standard off-season lottery team topic of rebuilding a currently forsaken franchise (and I highly recommend that you check these and other SBN sites out, as they are doing yeoman’s work as it pertains to draft prospects and more), we, the white, God-fearing people of Rock Ridge the fully blended, relocation-fearing people of Sactown Royalty have been literally mired in an endless conversation that revolves around arenas and loans and moving and staying and politics and buffoonery and douchebaggery and Maloofery. We come here to escape the stresses of our lives to talk Kings basketball, and we wind up doing almost everything but.

A year ago today, 72% were agreeing that our biggest need was at center, though opinions varied on how to fill that void. A year later, and our biggest need is funding for a new arena. It’s enough to wear a fan base out. The business of blogging about the Kings has become more about business and less about the Kings, at least specific to the on-court product.

Yet the site rages on, brilliantly. And for that, I say thank you from the bottom of my artery-clogged heart. As a Kings fan trying to make heads or tails of this situation, your contributions in the threads have been an absolute Godsend, helping me to gain understanding and reason as it pertains to a situation that seems to come upon new news almost by the second.

As a site moderator, I have been shocked at the manner in which 99.9% of the members here have handled themselves and each other. Passion and opinion and passion and feelings and angst and fear and hope and passion…and respect. The ability of almost everyone to give and take, to hear and be heard, has really elevated the threads to a new level.

And the StR hilarity – thank you for proving to me that I can be over 50 and still giggle and gasp and spit-take my beverage. And understand, this is not a pat on the back for the site itself, but for the members that help make the site what it is – an oasis.

Think about it. What makes StR different from other sites? There is the one and only Tom Ziller, of course. And the other contributing writers around here are nothing to sneeze at. But there are other good writers on other good blogs. The difference is in the threads. Read the threads on other blogs...all 3-5 comments of them. Or feast your eyes on the hate and spam-filled threads of other website comment pages (not naming them here and don’t have to – you pretty much have identified them already).

So, on this day off from the NBA playoffs, I am taking up a little front page space to say thank you to each and every one of you. Thank you for making StR a destination for news and informed opinion and humor. Thank you for self-site moderating so that I don’t have to (much). Thank you for caring, thank you for coming, and thank you for coming back, time and time again. You’re the best, and I just wanted to share with you how grateful I am for having you all in my life.

Go Kings!!!