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Sacramento Kings Take Show Back On Road, Hope To Spoil Rockets' Dreams

In case you missed it, the Sacramento Kings are embracing the role of spoilers. From Jason Jones:

The Kings nicknamed themselves "The Spoilers" for their last trip, a 4-1 swing that included victories over three teams either already qualified for the playoffs or in position to reach the postseason with a late push. [...]

"Basically ruin their season," Kings rookie forward-center DeMarcus Cousins said. "If we can't play for the playoffs, why let somebody else?"

It's beautiful, really. The Kings went 6-10 in March, matching January's record. Sacramento had two wins in each of November and December (and, in three games, in October). As Jones notes in his story, the Kings fizzled out as the season wore on last year. This time? Sacramento's finishing strong as the talent and experience level allow.

In Houston, there's a team whose season could really be spoiled here. The Rockets have been busting up lots of opponents, including the Spurs, in their quest for the No. 8 spot. But Memphis and New Orleans have made it incredibly difficult on the Rockets, and it looks like Houston needs a miracle to catch either. (That miracle would be the Clippers tripping up the Grizz or the Hornets imploding. I'm not counting on either.) The Kings can make life even more difficult by spoiling the game tonight in Houston.

Check out HighTops' scouting report, please. Tip at 5:30; game threads at 5:30 and 7. Yeah Sacramento Kings!

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