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Here We Stay Night 2: Final Countdown

Monday is Here We Stay Night 2. It's the second to last home game of the season, and potentially ever. The final game against the Lakers is already on the cusp of a sell-out, likely both because of the bandwagon Lakers fans living in the area and the general population's desire to see one last game at the arena. That makes April 11 all the more important. Get your tickets now! Let's put a big ol' dent in those empty sections. Let's be loud and passionate and show the NBA that Sacramento is what Phil Jackson said it is: crazy about basketball.

We need a great showing on April 11. Recruit your friends, neighbors, co-workers, family -- let's go!

UPDATE: If you're interested in lower bowl tickets, you can get them for $37.50 from this link. Also, has some $10 tickets remaining.

UPDATE 2: Send letters to the NBA urging reconsideration of relocation. Sac County Supervisor Phil Serna, son of the late Joe Serna, has penned a letter he encourages us to copy. Blake has it at BB&P.