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Kings Host Private Lottery Party For Season Ticket Holders, And That's OK

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The Sacramento Kings will host a private NBA Draft Lottery viewing party for season ticket holders (newly committed and old alike) at the Crest on Tuesday night. This is news only because in the past two years, the Kings have held free viewing parties. Last year's sucker punch defeat was in midtown; the streets overflowed with good vibes (until the results were announced). In 2009, it was a party in the parking lot of Chris Webber's Natomas restaurant. (Another sucker punch.)

This year: private party downtown. Some are upset. The Bee's Leading Off column explains:

Restricting this year's lottery party is a missed opportunity for the Kings to capitalize on the good vibes and to reach a much wider audience - fans who might not be convinced they should support a franchise that could leave after next season.

Sure, many fans remain unconvinced they should support a franchise that could leave after next season. But, with all due respect, a one-hour party to watch Adam Silver read some team names for 10 minutes is not going to get them back. Winning will. Good ticket prices will. A great environment will. A new building will. A commitment to Sacramento will.

This is small potatoes. Tater tots. It doesn't matter. Season ticket holders -- those committing to spend thousands of dollars on Kings basketball this season -- deserve every perk they get. Other fans who want to celebrate Sacramento Kings basketball? They will get their chance: at the team's free viewing parties, at games, at community events. This does not matter.