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More Cowbell: NBA Draft Lottery Is Here, George Maloof Is Still Pouting

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Sac Bee - Kings hope to land top-three pick
Some quotes from Paul Westphal on why winning No. 1 makes it easier; says they could work out 25 guys if they stay put or fall a little.

Sac Bee - Kudos to sending mayor to NBA draft lottery
Ailene Voisin agrees that sending Kevin Johnson to Secaucus is smart; Joe Maloof claims the idea was his.

Cowbell Kingdom Presents An Interview With Larry Coon
Really good stuff in here explaining the reasons this did is allegedly so bad for owners.

ESPN L.A. - Sacramento Kings' future still uncertain
George Maloof is being honest when he says "if you buy tickets it's for this year and there are no promises beyond that," but it's still a pretty dumb stance to take in an interview with the biggest sports media publication on the planet. Not helping, bro. (Thanks to Andy for the FanShot.)

Sac Bee - Fan support for Kings turned tide
Everyone's seen David Stern's open letter to Kings fans, right? I might link this every day for the next month.

Yahoo! Sports - GMs pessimistic about 2011 draft

Memphis Commercial-Appeal - Grizzlies adamant they won't trade Gay