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NBA Mock Draft: Brandon Knight To Kings, Says DraftExpress

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In its first NBA mock draft taking team needs into account, the excellent DraftExpress pegs the Sacramento Kings to Kentucky point guard Brandon Knight. Note that the draft order could change in tonight's NBA Draft Lottery; the current mock has the Kings at No. 5, which is their most likely landing spot.

Knight entered the draft after one year at UK; he'd be the Kings' third consecutive lottery pick from a John Calipari program. Sacramento took guard Tyreke Evans out of Calipari's Memphis at No. 4 in 2009; Cal moved to Kentucky for 2010, and the Kings took his center DeMarcus Cousins at No. 5 last June. Knight looked like a mid-first prospect until everyone dropped out and he had a good tournament; now most mocks peg Knight in the top-10.

It's worth noting that DX has Kemba Walker off the board at No. 3 (Toronto Raptors) and Lithuanian center Jonas Valanciunas gone at No. 4 (Washington Wizards). One of the players DX and Chad Ford seem to disagree on at this point is Enes Kanter, the Turkish center who was ruled ineligible to play for Kentucky this season. Ford has mentioned him as a potential No. 1, while DX has him down at No. 8 (Cleveland Cavaliers).