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NBA Mock Draft: Bismack Biyombo A Good Fit For Kings, Per DraftExpress

Bismack Biyombo
Bismack Biyombo

Once the NBA Draft order is set by the lottery, the heart-stopping fun that is DRAFT SEASON really begins in earnest. While it's disappointing that the ping pong balls despise the great people of Sacramento, the bad luck in falling to No. 7 is no excuse not to catch DRAFT FEVER.

That begins, for me, with DraftExpress' first post-lottery mock draft. Jonathan Givony, writing for Yahoo!, has the Sacramento Kings taking Bismack Biyombo, 18-year-old power forward from the Congo.

Pairing the long, tough and super athletic Biyombo alongside DeMarcus Cousins makes perfect sense for the Kings. He does all the things Cousins doesn't want to do, and competes with a motor that the team could have used this season.

Not-so-subtle knock on Cousins aside, the Biyombo is both inspired and exciting ... to me, at least. Some may fear his lack of institutional notoriety and lack of domestic experience. I can already hear the Hasheem Thabeet and Mouhamed Sene catcalls. But I also hear the Serge Ibaka retorts, and I understand that Biyombo has been a defensive stud in the Spanish league (No. 2 in the world behind the NBA), and I agree that in a long-term Cousins partner, the Kings need a defender, not another scorer.

There will also be myriad questions about Biyombo's true age, but DraftExpress already killed that rumor a while ago. He's not 26. He's 18 or 19.

And they called him Bismack.