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Filed under: NBA Mock Draft: What About Kawhi Leonard For The Kings?

Yours truly did the NBA mock draft late Tuesday night, and it's alive for your perusal. Congolese forward Bismack Biyombo was off the board by the time I got to the Sacramento Kings at No. 7, so I went for a need position: small forward. And there lies Kawhi Leonard of San Diego State.

The Kings desperately need help at small forward, where none of Francisco Garcia, Donte Greene or Omri Casspi stood out (for good reasons) in 2010-11. Leonard is a big SF, and less of a shooter than the Kings would like, but the team is being rebuilt with an eye on energy and toughness. He fits that.

Leonard is considered, along with Biyombo and Florida State wing Chris Singleton, one of the best defenders in the draft. He's a power wing, a small forward more likely to crash the offensive glass than gun a three. That's a bit of a problem in that the Kings desperately need three-point shooting, especially in the starting line-up; it can't all be on Marcus Thornton. But the shooting part of Leonard's game is reportedly improving, and that could make his selection more palatable.

DraftExpress visited Leonard at Impact in Las Vegas. It's a great look at Leonard's current status and what he's working on.