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More Cowbell: Draft Draft Draft, Omri Crispies

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There will be lots of NBA Draft links in More Cowbell for the next month.

Behind-The-Scenes at the NBA Draft Lottery : Full Court Press
Our friend Alex Kramers covered the lotto for Included is the nugget that Kevin Johnson brought a Here We Stay t-shirt for good luck.

2011 NBA Mock Draft 1.0, led by Kyrie Irving, Derrick Williams - Sam Amick -
Our friend Sam Amick explains why he thinks Donatas Motiejunas would be a good fit with DeMarcus Cousins. (This was already on the front page, but I wanted to be sure everyone saw it.)

Ailene Voisin: A sense of urgency marks this offseason - Sacramento Bee
Our friend Ailene Voisin offers up a few early clues as to what the Kings could possibly be thinking maybe.

NBA’s Omri Casspi gets cereal deal - Jewish Community Voice of Southern New Jersey
Casspi got a cereal endorsement deal before Tyreke Evans did. Omri 1, 'Reke 0.

NBA Draft Lottery Study: Part Three - The Last Decade - Brew Hoop
Brew Hoop does a fantastic job with these draft studies. Well worth checking out.

DraftExpress: Post-NBA Draft Lottery Analysis: The Implications
DX goes into a bit more depth on its first post-lottery mock, including some more on its Biyombo pick for Sacramento.

Inside-Out Game: Defending Jimmer Fredette and Stephen Curry
Our friend Exhibit G's March breakdown of Stephen Curry and Jimmer Fredette. I'll have something on the Jimmer too this afternoon.