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NBA Draft: Brandon Knight 'Won't Get Past Kings' At No. 7, Says Ford

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Brandon Knight rose his NBA Draft stock at the combine last week, and ESPN's Chad Ford reports that the Kentucky point guard "won't get past the Kings at No. 7." He might not be there, however; Ford indicates that Knight looks to be ahead of UConn guard Kemba Walker should the Utah Jazz take a point guard at No. 3. But Jazz general manager Kevin O'Connor is an avowed follower of the "best player available" rule, and Enes Kanter is entering the conversation for No. 2, let alone No. 3.

A few more Ford tidbits, though I'd advise you to sign up for Insider to read the whole thing, even if just for the next couple months:

* The top of Jordan Hamilton's range is No. 7. He's a scoring small forward; that's a need position, but not necessarily a need role.

* There are some interesting notes but no Kings mention regarding Tobias Harris, the Tennessee forward. He measured out at small forward, and his camp insists he's best at three. He fashions himself a point forward. Could be an intriguing match for Sacramento.

* Kings among the dozen teams who could talk to the Wolves about Derrick Williams at No. 2. Do the Kings have anything Minnesota would want?