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NBA, Maloofs Release Statements On Sacramento Arena Plan

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Shortly after the conclusion of the unveiling of the Taylor/ICON Group's feasibility study for a new entertainment and sports complex in downtown Sacramento that'd be the long-term home of the Kings, the NBA released a statement from Commissioner David Stern.

"We are encouraged by the process and the overwhelming support of the Mayor, the business community and the citizens of the region. Like the Maloofs, we want to make this new entertainment and sports complex happen. The focus now is moving forward in developing a public-private partnership financing model that will bring a new arena to fruition. That is priority number one in Sacramento for all of us."

Among the myriad questions that remain: will the NBA jump in with the Maloofs as ownership, the city's technical staff and the developers figure out that public-private partnership financing model? My guess would be "yes," but it hasn't explicitly been stated just yet.

UPDATE: The Maloofs also released a statement on the plan.

"We're optimistic because both the political and public will are here. We all realize that the time is now to get this done so the region finally has a much needed events center of which we all can be proud."