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Brandon Knight To Work Out For Kings On Thursday

The Sacramento Kings' first private NBA Draft Workout of the year will be Brandon Knight, the University of Kentucky point guard slated to go in the top half of the lottery in the June 23 draft. Knight will be working out solo -- with no other draft prospects -- on Thursday at the Kings' practice facility.

The Kings have targeted point guard heading into the offseason, despite the presence of Tyreke Evans and Beno Udrih. Knight is the top PG on most draft boards and mock drafts, jockeying with UConn product Kemba Walker in some cases. Knight could very well be off of the board by No. 7, as the Utah Jazz (No. 3) and Toronto Raptors (No. 5) are expected to be interested.

Don't be concerned that this is a solo workout: Tyreke Evans' first workout in 2009 was a one-player show. A week before the draft, the Kings invited Evans back to work out against prospects like Brandon Jennings and Stephen Curry. Evans dominated that workout, and was made the No. 4 pick.