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More Cowbell: Santiago On Perception Of Sacramento, Westphal On Fans

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I'm not going to lie: who knows if we'll be able to keep up with links!

Cowbell Kingdom: More Than a Pitstop
Friend-of-StR Jon Santiago digs into the perception of Sacramento and how, for him, it's changed over the last few weeks.

Sac Bee: Kings' Arena Drama Not Lost on Westphal
Ailene Voisin talks to Paul Westphal about the whole relocation thing. (Thanks to Juan for the FanShot.) Money quote:

"The team hit rock bottom and is trying to climb back up. The city is trying to climb back up. There is something to catch a romantic bone in everyone's body. So let's go!"

Sac Bee: Sacramento begins real work to keep Kings
A good summary of what's happening now that the Kings are confirmed for next year. (Thanks to Juan for the FanShot.) Season tickets are outpacing team expectations and the NBA's nine-person team is already in town.

Rise Guys: Jason Thompson
The RGS spent most of Tuesday morning talking about the euphoria of the Kings staying, but my favorite segment was J.T. talking about the fans in the last game.

Sac Bee: Catching up with Tyreke Evans
'Reke lost a Call of Duty match against Deron Williams, likes Derrick Williams and Kemba Walker and used to play CoD against Spencer Hawes all of the time.