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More Cowbell: Kings Selling Lots Of Tickets, Maloof To Meet With Mayor

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Sac Bee: NBA starts image makeover for Sacramento Kings
Via a Juan Primo FanShot. A few great nuggets in Dale Kasler and Ryan Lillis' piece on the NBA team in town. Gavin Maloof is in town and will meet with Mayor Kevin Johnson and business leaders at a lunch today. Also, here's a line about ticket sales:

Season ticket renewals, which began late Monday, have "exceeded even our most hopeful expectations," Granger said. "It's impressive for any market."

Sac Bee: Chris Webber will play a role in arena fight
Lillis reports that Webber remains in contact with KJ going forward.

Sac Midtown: Railyard cleanup unlikely to be a hurdle
Word that cleanup at the railyards site -- the target for a new arena -- won't be an issue. Thanks to drew7 for the FanShot.

News10: Joe Maloof expresses gratitude to MS&E staff, fans
Nice piece by Sean Cunningham (print) and Ryan Yamamoto (video).

Jim Les to coach UC Davis men's team
A Kings' fan favorite will lead UC Davis to more losses against Sac State.

REMINDER: Here We Stayed Celebration -- Friday evening at Thunder Valley!

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