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The Separation of Maloof & State

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After 16 years as a season ticket holder in name and 26 years if you include my time sharing under another person’s name, I am no longer a Kings season ticket holder. The same goes for the two guys that sit to the left of me, season ticket holders in name since 1988 and ticket sharers dating back to year one. I won’t go into the gory details here. Suffice to say that Maloof Sports & Entertainment and four longtime season ticket holders could not reach an agreement on the price and value of a season ticket package. It was a disappointing close to a very long relationship, to say the least.

I have had quite the internal battle over whether or not I wanted to share this on the site. But because I have written recent posts regarding the season ticket situation, I felt that I needed to bring this to closure.

I think the proper approach for me is a version of separation of church and state. Kings forever, MS&E never! I have this vision of going to the home opener, chaining myself to the 6th man sculpture, thrusting my purple-gloved fist skyward and chanting this over and over again.

I would never take this approach if I felt that it would hurt the team’s chances of staying in Sacramento. But the team staying or leaving hinges on the ability to get an arena deal done, and not me swallowing hard and taking what I perceive to be a less than fair and equitable deal.

But my feelings towards MS&E will not impact my passion for the Sacramento Kings team in any way, shape or form. I refuse to allow all of this Maloofery to temper my excitement over:

  • Tyreke Evans – The young man still has some work in front of him, but let’s not forget that ROY season of 20-5-5, his exciting game winning shots, and the fact that he still only 21 years old. Think about this – Evans has not really been both healthy and integrated with new talents DeMarcus Cousins and Marcus Thornton. Legitimate questions abound as it pertains to how this group might gel, but envision rookie ‘Reke with the sharp-shooting Thornton on the wing and the low post presence of Cousins. We might have a completely different opinion of Evans as a PG if he had this talent around him in the first place.

  • Marcus Thornton – For all of the things that we’ve liked and loved about Marcus during his short time, my favorite thing is that he competes. He’s got some nasty to him. And similar to Bobby Jackson, he thinks that he’s a lot bigger than he really is…and so do his opponents by the end of the night. And at only age 23, I’m not so sure that I agree with those that say Thornton has limited potential.

  • DeMarcus Cousins – You can’t teach passion, but hopefully you can channel it positively. And if that happens, DeMarcus Cousins is a perennial all star. This is the guy that has the chance to be the player that is the most loved in Sacramento and the most loathed in every other NBA city. And that’s fine with me, as Chris Webber was really the last guy that did a great job of wearing the black hat. No doubt, Cousins has some things to work on. No doubt, I had a lot of things to work on when I was 20(!) years old, too.

  • Draft pick and/or free agents and/or trades and/or re-signings. This roster is still a work in progress. I’m excited as hell to see what it looks like in a couple of months.

And to the Here We Stay/Build efforts:

  • Mayor Johnson – I hope that I get to meet this man one day, so that I can (a) tell him how much I enjoyed watching him play basketball, and (b) tell him that I like my crow rare. Has this guy proven to be a poker playing sonofabitch of the highest caliber or what? The City of Sacramento has one more shot at getting an arena deal done, and it’s because Johnson>Maloof in the NBA’s eyes. The Mayor is still pushing a boulder uphill, but hopefully he has the help behind him to get it done.

  • Carmichael Dave, Blake Ellington, and everyone that has done anything great (looking at you, edm7) or small (looking in the mirror, section) regarding the efforts of Here We Stay / Here We Build. While Peaches O'Douchenozzle took to the airwaves to defend the Maloofs and hammer the Mayor and the city, C-Davey took it in a whole ‘nother direction. I owe you a beer, Dave. A lot of ‘em.

So there it is for me. Kings forever, MS&E never. And while I truly never say never, it would take a Herculean effort to ever get me to do direct business with MS&E again. I’m not going to cut off my nose to spite my face here – I will buy my tickets to Here We Stay games, StR nights, whatever. I may even pick up tickets for the odd game here or there. But it appears that my season ticket holder days with MS&E are over. A quick shout out of thanks to former ticket rep Desireé Paxton for all of her efforts over the years – good luck with the Raiders! Thanks also to Andrew Nicholson for his hospitality last year, and to ticket rep Brandon Loehman, who did a great job for me over a short period of time.

That leaves one last item of business. As I will no longer be sitting in section 214, is a name change in order? Please help me determine that by participating in the poll and leaving any of your alternatives in the comments.