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NBA Mock Draft: DraftExpress Moves Jimmer Fredette To Kings' No. 7 Spot

It's finally happened: one of the major NBA mock drafts has moved Jimmer Fredette into the Sacramento Kings' No. 7 spot.

It took a bit. We'd been hearing from Chad Ford and others that the Kings were intrigued by the BYU gunner. But neither Ford nor DraftExpress had pulled the trigger and bumped Fredette to No. 7. DX did so in today's release, though it's worth noting that Brandon Knight, Kemba Walker, Enes Kanter and Jonas Valanciunas were all off of the board.

That means DX has the Kings leaving small forward Kawhi Leonard and Jan Vesely on the board to take Fredette, who worked out in Sacramento on Thursday and was said to impress the Kings' front office and coaching staff. Kanter falls in the Wizards at No. 6 in DX's new mock; previous mocks and rampant rumors have the 'Zards looking small forward. The 3-6 spots are still completely in the air, with the only apparent guarantee being that Knight will be off the board.

DX has Walker going to the Raptors at No. 5. He works out in Sacramento today.