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Sactown Royalty Draft Extravaganza, 2011 - The Deadline Approaches

Welcome to the 4th annual Sactown Royalty Draft Extravaganza. Bragging rights could be yours if you correctly select this year's Kings draft picks. 

UPDATE - The field is set. 113 submissions are listed at the end of this post.  They are listed alphabetically so that you may authenticate your picks. Please email me or drop me a note in the thread if your picks are not correct. No more submissions will be accepted. We will provide the list in player order in  a new post tomorrow (6/23).

Ball in Cup was the prognosticator of prognosticators in 2008, correctly guessing Sean Singletary as a 2nd round pick (no one had Jason Thompson in the 1st round, and NO ONE had Patrick Ewing Jr. in the 2nd round. In 2009 almost half of the field of 83 got Rubio’d, while 12 participants correctly selected Evans and Casspi (everyone whiffed on Brockman). Per the rules (written by yours truly), yours truly was determined to be the winner by virtue of getting my picks in first (n’yah). Last year thizboy27 used one of his career five comments to correctly pick both DeMarcus Cousins and Hassan Whiteside(!).

The rules for this year –

  • In the comments section of this post, let us know who you think the Kings will draft with their 1st round pick, the 35th pick and the 60th pick. It is legal to enter "trade" for any/all picks if you think that the Kings are going to deal the pick(s), but the trade has to be announced after you submit your picks and before the draft the draft is completed (let's say 30 minutes after the draft since the Kings own the very last pick).
  • In case of a tie, the correct selection of the 1st round pick will be the tie breaker. The 2nd tie breaker will be the 35th pick. The 3rd tie breaker is the 60th pick. The final tie breaker is the earliest entry.

  • One entry per person. Once you have entered you may not change your picks, unless you can prove that you are Chad Ford. The advantage to entering early is the tie breaker edge, while the advantage of waiting is any extra bit of news that you may pick up between now and the deadline.

  • Entry deadline is Tuesday, June 21st, midnight PST.

We will regularly update the entries in the bottom of this post, so keep an eye out once you enter your picks to make sure that they are recorded accurately.

Good luck!

Sub. Member 1st pick 2nd pick 3rd pick
96 $KingsElite$ Leonard I.Thomas Hopson
83 13uppercut Burks I.Thomas Honeycutt
75 A Night At The Arco Leonard I.Thomas Holiday
27 aizen07 Fredette N.Smith  - 
29 al_lives Knight Singler Benzing
65 AnotherStupidSN traded I.Thomas Bryan-Amaning
34 Anton Knight traded traded
32 Aykis16 traded I.Thomas Dunigan
14 BearKing Fredette I.Thomas Bryan-Amaning
57 Beer_man Fredette Leslie Flowers
16 bench_blob Fredette  -   - 
89 betweentheeyes traded traded traded
93 Bill2 Leonard Cole Bryan-Amaning
74 blowfishee Fredette traded traded
11 blowin'boogers Fredette Johnson I.Thomas
106 BrianNW Burks Butler Harrellson
88 caseysheesecake traded traded traded
98 Cincy Kings Fan Burks Parsons M.Thomas
40 clicc916 Leonard D.Morris G.Smith
26 CloudyEyes Fredette Biyombo I.Thomas
49 CoolFinity Fredette traded Joseph
36 Walker Singler I.Thomas
110 creep traded traded J.Williams
37 CrownedPotential Fredette Bertans Long
18 dannyboy55 Fredette Joseph Hopson
72 DaT3rmin8r Fredette Butler traded
25 Doors Open Leonard D.Morris Liggins
58 DTG13 Leonard  -   - 
45 Earl Henstra Fredette Lee Mirotic
6 edm7 Leonard I.Thomas Dunigan
28 elfboy_ Fredette Honeycutt I.Thomas
71 elrey2011 Fredette Selby Harrellson
8 ElRonToro Williams Thomas G.Smith
22 elSAVinator Fredette I.Thomas  - 
111 fffindeed Fredette Cole Goudelock
107 fire_voisin Leonard traded Hopson
76 fryingpan136 Fredette Cole Hansbrough
59 g4y Vulture Fredette N.Smith Bryan-Amaning
112 getPGwithbounce Valanciunas Joseph Hanga
63 glazier_25 Fredette Tyler M.Thomas
51 Gobroks Singleton traded Joseph
19 gregsactly Leonard Vucevic I.Thomas
4 Heuristic Lineup Leonard Mirotic Stone
38 IamPurple Singleton Mack Goudelock
90 james_kevin18 Fredette Johnson G.Smith
10 jjham15 Fredette traded Bryan-Amaning
50 JoshL Fredette Parsons Hopson
101 jperk983 Leonard Goudelock Leuer
94 Jvinci Vesely Selby I.Thomas
80 kingman1234 Fredette Mirotic Hopson
73 kingme18 Leonard Cole Howard
78 kingofpain Fredette Goudelock Allen
103 Kings fan22 Fredette I.Thomas traded
24 KingsFan12 Walker Honeycutt G.Smith
66 kingsfan300 Fredette D.Morris Bryan-Amaning
15 KingsFanInPortland Valanciunas I.Thomas  - 
77 KingsZagsAthleticsRaiders Leonard I.Thomas Howard
23 kwill Fredette traded Hopson
21 lietothegirls Vucevic Cole Hopson
46 lodisacfan Fredette Leslie Leuer
104 longtimelistenerfirsttimecaller traded traded traded
61 Lotusprime Fredette Tyler Lee
105 LOUiECOG Fredette Cole Goudelock
100 Loyalty2Royalty Leonard Fisher Goudelock
68 LPKingsFan Vesely N.Smith Bryan-Amaning
33 Mad Hops Fredette traded I.Thomas
85 Makdeeznut Fredette Butler G.Smith
52 markdog333 Leonard Nogueira I.Thomas
82 Matt44Sac Fredette Honeycutt Selby
35 mavisdory Valanciunas D.Morris James
41 McNasty82 Fredette Johnson Hansbrough
12 Merickel Fredette I.Thomas N.Smith
55 mike murray Kanter N.Smith Bogdanovich
47 Minhvincible Fredette N.Smith  - 
86 MJ5 traded Bogdanovich I.Thomas
92 morecasspi traded Mack G.Smith
53 Mr_Blue Singleton Singler Joseph
17 mrbaka Fredette Mirotic Hansbrough
97 MTBalla Leonard N.Smith Hansbrough
5 NastyNas Biyombo Goudelock McCamey
31 otis29 traded Jackson I.Thomas
30 Panzerfaust Fredette Singler Benson
87 PTRCKRDFRD Leonard I.Thomas Howard
108 RaboKarabekian Burks D.Morris Howard
81 rancho king Fredette Cole G.Smith
99 rest9 Leonard N.Smith Hanga
42 rivercitysports Vesely traded Wanamaker
84 Rory Sparrow Leonard N.Smith Hopson
60 rpmonkey Knight traded Harrellson
102 sac_faithful Burks I.Thomas G.Smith
79 SactoRyan Burks I.Thomas Goudelock
20 Schneezel Fredette N.Smith M.Thomas
2 section214 Leonard Mack Bogdanovich
48 Smills9133 Marc.Morris I.Thomas Harrellson
44 sonomanate Marc.Morris traded Joseph
113 SPTSJUNKIE Burks Cole Rabaseda
69 sroufe Leonard Goudelock Harrellson
70 Surprise Team Burks Butler Stone
64 swoosh91 Kanter Goudelock Bryan-Amaning
67 ThunderChicken Valanciunas traded Hansbrough
56 Toeontheline K.Thompson Leuer Hopson
9 tough as nails' spence Fredette N.Smith M.Thomas
7 ultrakingsfan Fredette Motiejunas  - 
3 vfettke Fredette Vucevic I.Thomas
109 VirginiaKingsFan Burks N.Smith Skeen
62 wabut Vesely Tyler I.Thomas
1 wake180 Fredette Vucevic Goudelock
13 wallywagon11 Fredette Parsons Goudelock
54 WebberDynasty traded Bogdanovich Diot
39 what_the_crap Fredette traded Holiday
91 White Brocklate traded N.Smith traded
43 yaboyrafa Fredette Vucevic  - 
95 ZenBaller Vesely traded traded