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Kings Announce NBA Draft Workout Starring Alec Burks, Klay Thompson

So much for the "no good group workouts" bit from earlier: the Sacramento Kings announced the team will host several top-flight prospects on Saturday, including two-guard Alec Burks of Colorado and wing Klay Thompson of Washington State.

The Kings aren't thought to be looking two-guard; the other guards Sacramento has hosted (Brandon Knight, Jimmer Fredette and Kemba Walker) consider themselves point guards. That bodes poorly for Burks, it would seem; at 6'5, he's unlikely to help at small forward. Thompson's a touch bigger, though, and it's been suggested he (like Francisco Garcia) can play both wing positions. But No. 7 is well above his reported range to date.

The other prospects are the D-League's Jamine Peterson (who is also working out on Friday), Mississippi State's Ravern Johnson, USC's Alex Stephenson and Fresno State's Greg Smith. On Friday, the Kings will work out Kawhi Leonard. It's unclear if another workout will be held Sunday or early next week to get prospects like Marcus Morris and Tristan Thompson into town.