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NBA Draft 2011: Sacramento Kings Select Jimmer Fredette With No. 10 Pick

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The Sacramento Kings picked Jimmer Fredette of BYU with the No. 10 pick in the 2011 NBA Draft. Jimmer is ridiculously popular just about eveywhere, and figures to play in a three-guard rotation with Tyreke Evans and Marcus Thornton.

Both Brandon Knight and Kemba Walker lasted to the No. 7 pick, but went back-to-back at No. 8 (Detroit Pistons) and No. 9 (Charlotte Bobcats), leaving Jimmer to Sacramento. Knight ended a run of five straight international players running from No. 3 (Enes Kanter) to No. 7 (Bismack Biyombo).

Earlier on Thursday, the Kings traded their No. 7 pick to the Milwaukee Bucks along with Beno Udrih in exchange for No. 10 and good ol' John Salmons. Salmons is due $25 million over the next three seasons. Udrih was due $14 million over two years. The No. 10 is also typically less valuable than the No. 7 pick.

The Kings next pick at No. 35. That pick should come down around 7:30 Pacific.