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Kings Take Tyler Honeycutt With No. 35 Pick In 2011 NBA draft

Tyler Honeycutt of UCLA landed with the Sacramento Kings at No. 35 in the 2011 NBA Draft. Honeycutt was projected to go in the first round by many, and is considered a solid value pick. But will he get playing time behind John Salmons? (Just kidding.)

The Kings have the No. 60 pick, but wouldn't be expected to get a legit roster player all the way down there. Honeycutt should compete for a spot in the rotation with Donte Greene. It remains to be seen what happens with Omri Casspi, given the Salmons acquisition.

The Kings haven't added a power forward or center as of yet, which could mean that the team is serious about trying to keep Samuel Dalembert, or that the team is comfortable with Jason Thompson as a starter, or that the team is looking to make an impact in free agency or via trade, or that the Kings just really like Honeycutt and no available big men.