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Isaiah Thomas Picked No. 60 By Kings, Completing Wild NBA Draft

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The Sacramento Kings finished off the 2011 NBA Draft by taking Washington Huskies point guard Isaiah Thomas with the No. 60 pick on a night in which the team's backcourt was completely remade. The Kings had already traded Beno Udrih to the Milwaukee Bucks and selected Jimmer Fredette in the lottery. Thomas could replace Pooh Jeter as the new fourth guard in the Kings' rotation, assuming Marcus Thornton is retained.

The Thomas pick caps off an interesting night, not just for the Kings but for the NBA. There's no telling when we as basketball fans will again have something to celebrate, given the labor situation. I really cannot wait to see Thomas and Tyler Honeycutt compete with the incumbents, or see Jimmer and Tyreke Evans pair up, or -- yes -- seeing John Salmons tilt his head and drive to the hoop. Even if it didn't turn out quite as expected or hoped, it's basketball. It's what we love.

Welcome to Sacramento, new Kings. Hope you stay (and the team) stay a while.