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This Aaron Brooks Rumor Doesn't Add Up

The latest rumor in regards to our Sacramento Kings comes from the New York Daily News (thanks to Crocoduck for the FanShot).

Here is the rumor:

With Jimmer Fredette's addition to a backcourt featuring Tyreke Evans, Sacramento doesn't have a playmaker, but the answer might come in free agency, whenever that is. The Kings plan on making a pitch for the Suns' Aaron Brooks, who is restricted. Phoenix made him a qualifying offer on Thursday.

The Kings have liked Aaron Brooks for ages, but this still doesn't make sense for a myriad of reasons.

1. The New York Daily News is not a reliable source when it comes to Sacramento Kings information.  I'll stick to local sources or Sam Amick (who is both local and national). 

2. Aaron Brooks is a Restricted Free Agent.  Any offer given to him can be matched by the Phoenix Suns.  To prevent the Suns from matching, they'd have to make Brooks an offer that Phoenix would find unappealing.  This would likely mean overpaying Brooks.

3. The Kings just traded an overpaid PG for an overpaid SF to clear up minutes for Jimmer Fredette.  Why would they then re-clog that lineup by adding Brooks?  Fredette has been brought in because he's supposed to be able to make an impact right away.

4. There are 96 minutes at the PG and SG spots.  The Kings have the following players who look to see minutes at those spots: Tyreke Evans, Marcus Thornton (it's likely he'll re-sign), Jimmer Fredette, Francisco Garcia, and John Salmons (who is more of a two than a three really).  Where does Aaron Brooks playing time come in?  The Kings also may have Pooh Jeter and/or Isaiah Thomas for spot minutes or as injury insurance (it remains to be seen whether Jeter's team option will be picked up or if Thomas makes the team).

5. The rumor says the Kings are without a playmaker.  Aaron Brooks is not a playmaker. He has a lower career Assist Rate than Tyreke Evans.  Brooks is a scorer first and foremost.  He's also not that consistent of a shooter, with a career 3P% of .363, not that much better than the recently departed Beno Udrih, and he's much worse from the rest of the field than Udrih, with a career .411 FG%.

6. Aaron Brooks is a high usage player.  Almost as high as Tyreke Evans and Marcus Thornton in fact. 

7. Brooks is a defensive sieve, which is why Houston didn't even consider signing him to an extension and instead opted to make his backup Kyle Lowry their PG of the future.  Last time I checked, the Kings were trying to get better defensively.

Do I need to keep going?  Aaron Brooks does not fit on this roster.  The only way he does is if the Kings do not re-sign Marcus Thornton, which appears to be very, very unlikely.  Sorry NY Daily News, but I'm not buying what you're selling.