Tyreke Evans in Manila - 1st game

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By this time, everybody knows that Tyreke Evans has joined Black Mamba, D-Rose, CP3, Durantula, the Beard, Fish, Javale McGee (for lack of a nickname) and Wolves rookie Derrick Williams for a 2-game exhibition series in Manila. The first night pits Evans et al against the best of the local league (Philippine Basketball Association), and the next day it's them versus the Philippine National team. The idea for this lockout filler was hatched and executed in 2 weeks by Manny Pangilinan, the same Filipino magnate who was rumored to be buying the Kings.

Like everybody who has little idea of the Philippines, Tyreke was overwhelmed with the reception upon touchdown, where a sizable crowd greeted them upon arrival. Evans tweeted “Shoutout to all my fans in Manila. They all showed me love at the airport.”

Traffic jams reported at Cubao on a Saturday for the first night. The last time active NBA players played here, it was the entire Washington Bullets way back in 1979.Afterwards, our country become stopovers for the recently retired - including C-Webb and Vlade last year.

If you need more info on how hoops crazy the country is consider this: Prior to the exhibition, the coliseum played a doubleheader from local college hoops (sold-out), vacating the arena an hour before the NBA audience was allowed in.

This is my attempt to write an account of this - as a Kings fan. I am watching the 1st game via live telecast while clutching at my non-scalped guaranteed seat tickets for tomorrow.

The PBA team was called as first, which was weird considering that we were the home team. After a half-hour of pre-game introductions, it was game time with Kobe, Rose, CP3, Durant, and McGee. I was expecting it to be a blowout from the gate considering that McGee stands half a foot taller than the biggest PBA player.

Tyreke came in about 4 minutes left in the 1st quarter and quickly made his presence felt, including a step-back 3 pointer and a rare tomahawk jam! Is this the same Reke who prefers soft lay-ins? He blew by defenders with crossovers but twice came up short with the midrange J. He ended the half by attempting a half-court heave that was nowhere near the mark.

The local pro team played spiritedly, getting a number of steals and some fastbreak points. Turned out to be the calm before the storm, as by the second quarter, Durant lighted them up while McGee didn't encounter any resistance on the block. At times, the PBA team looks more concerned about getting autographs from the NBA stars. Halftime 66-50.

The half time show was PBA vs NBA 3 point 2-man shootout. Harden and Paul won by one point.

CP3 and McGee continued the massacre at the start of the 3rd. Tyreke went back at the 3 minute mark, and made his presence felt immediately by connecting with a long 3-pointer. Several plays later, a long underhanded outlet pass to Harden resulted in a reverse jam. Tyreke seems to be genuinely having fun - and he's playing point. Less than minute remaining, Reke unleashes a ten-second crossover sequence that ended in a long 2. End of 3rd 107-78.

Back on the floor at the 4th, Reke starts playing point and promptly connects on an alley-oop with Harden at the 10 minute mark. On the next play, he finally made the expected spin-move layup. Local commentators mentioned that Tyreke's not as famous here as he should be, considering he has similar moves to LeBron (I hope he doesn't mean choke). After McGee successfully planks on court Tyreke unleashes another dunk. He then tries to attempt a between the legs pass in midair (!) but the receiver (i think it was williams) caught it late and miffed the dunk.

The last few minutes featured even more showboating, with the NBA team getting the best of the exchanges. At the one minute mark, Reke attempts a Steve Francis dribble drive that goes bad. With less than 10 seconds left, Tyreke attempts another half-court heave that goes right. McGee gets the rebound and misses the putback dunk as well.

Final score 131-105. I'm having a hard time keep track of the stats as there are none on display. By my count he has 14 pts and about 3 or 4 assists. I think he shot around 40% (including 2 made 3s and two attempted halfcourt heaves). The top performer was Javale McGee with 25 points, 12 rebounds, 6 blocks.

Upon closing, Hopefully, tomorrow's game is even better, especially that I'll catch it live and see Reke in the flesh.
I have newfound respect for Section214, who does in-game reporting way better.

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