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NBA General Manager Rankings: How Does Geoff Petrie Rate?

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Mike Prada did his second annual NBA GM Rankings at today. Geoff Petrie landed at No. 16, which is either really good for a guy whose team has gone 66-180 over the past three seasons, or really bad for a two-time Executive Of The Year winner, or just right.

Here's a snip of Prada's blurb:

There's certainly a lot of talent on this team, with Tyreke Evans, DeMarcus Cousins and Marcus Thornton, who was acquired brilliantly for Carl Landry. There's also Jason Thompson, J.J. Hickson, Jimmer Fredette ... the bottom line is that Petrie's never been bad at acquiring talent.

The issue Mike has is that it's not clear exactly how this will all fit together, which is the same issue many of us had with the selection of Jimmer. There's promising talent at almost every position -- most of us remain skeptical of the small forwards, no? -- but we're not sure how well any two players will work together, except maybe Cousins and Thompson, who have looked compatible. Evans-Cousins? Evans-Thornton? Jimmer-Thornton? Evans-Jimmer? Jimmer-Cousins? (LOL.) Cousins-Hickson? Evans-Hickson? All mysteries.

But when you're as bad as the Kings have been, soooo drained of talent by 2008-09, where Spencer Hawes was a top-3 asset (with Kevin Martin and the Kings' 2009 first-round pick, which became Evans) ... this is exactly what you want. When you don't know if you have a Durant, you stockpile as many potential Durants (two, in this case, being Evans and Cousins) as possible and sort it out down the road.

The Kings are really mimicking the 2006ish Blazers, who picked up LaMarcus Aldridge and Brandon Roy in the draft, realized how incredible they were, and built around them. If Evans and Cousins work well together and knock our socks off this season, Petrie will do the same. If not, and just one emerges as a true potential All-Star, I think the talent stockpiling will continue until clarity arrives.

In the meantime, No. 16 is perfectly fair: Petrie deserves a lion's share of blame for getting the Kings to these depths, but a lion's share of credit for filling our visions of the future with bright lights right now. What do you think?