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Rise Guys' Whitey Gleason And Mark Kriedler To Move Morning Show To 95.7 FM

Whitey Gleason and Mark Kreidler, two of the three hosts of KHTK's The Rise Guys, are moving to 95.7 FM, the Bay Area's new FM sports station. Whitey and Kreidler will anchor 95.7's morning show with Dan Dibley, who is a former producer/contributor for KNBR's morning programming (Murph and Mac, Gary Radnich). The new show will begin August 1.

KHTK's Don Geronimo announced Friday that The Rise Guys were taking a job with another station in another city, and as a result that his Don Geronimo Show would be moving into the morning drive-time slot (5:30-10). Carmichael Dave, who has been the producer on Don's midday show and has had a show in a few different slots on KHTK in the past, will have a 12-3 show. Grant Napear's show will now begin at 3.

Whitey and Kreidler are not taking producer Little Joe Pittman (who will stay on as Don's new executive producer) or co-host Phantom with them. Tim Montemayor, who has anchored 95.7's morning show to date and used to have a show on KHTK, is leaving 95.7.

95.7 streams online but is spotty over the air in the Sacramento area. I imagine the Bay Area focus will leave limited room for Kings talk, but we'll see.