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Sacramento Kings Undersized Point Guard Power Rankings

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1. Isaiah Thomas [5'8]

He who sits in the throne rules the kingdom.

2. Spud Webb [5'6]

10,000 minutes in Kings' baby blue. One of the most exciting NBA players to watch in that era. Used in a number of rap lyrics in a boastful way.

3. Bobby Hurley [6']

Could have been something great on the court. Turned out pretty great off of it.

4. Jim Les [5'11]

Both [kinda] handsome and [kinda] effective.

5. Tyus Edney [5'10]

Bringing Tyus into Sacramento was the first clue Geoff Petrie had an addiction to this type of guard.

6. Darrick Martin [5'10]


7. Pooh Jeter [5'11]

Jerry Reynolds has never had so much fun.

8. Othell Wilson [6']

Rode the Ralph Sampson wagon to a [very short] [no literally] NBA career.

9. Michael Adams [5'10]

Adams was actually a brilliant late pick in the 1985 draft; unfortunately, he'd go on to success after leaving the Kings. (The Kings waived him midway through his rookie season; he landed in Denver two years later and became one of the league's first three-point specialists. He averaged 26/10 with Denver in 1991, albeit in a goosed offensive system, and made the 1992 All-Star team.)

10. Michael Hawkins [6']

Hawkins had two playoff points in his illustrious NBA career, both with the Kings in 1999.

11. Stan Kimbrough [5'11]

Kimbrough's career games played with the Kings: 3. Times Kimbrough was waived by the Kings: 2.