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The NBA Has Sued Jimmer Fredette

The NBA lockout rolls on, with no progress in sight. In fact, there's been the opposite of progress: the NBA sued the players' union on Tuesday for, essentially, threatening what the league calls a "sham" decertification followed by anti-trust litigation. There's a sense that at some point, barring a victory at the National Labor Relations Board (where the union has filed a complaint alleging that the NBA is not negotiating in good faith), decert and an anti-trust suit would come. The NBA essentially beat the union to the punch, and maybe sped up the whole disaster just a bit. We have full coverage at

There's another detail. There's a certain name in the NBA's lawsuit that might raise an eyebrow or two. From Jeff Zillgitt of USA Today:

NBPA player reps & NBPA exec. committee members listed as defendants/class reps but also: '11 draft picks Jimmer Fredette & Charles Jenkins

The NBA is suing Jimmer Fredette.

This shall not stand.

No idea on why Jimmer is there as of yet, but we'll look into it. In the meantime, the pitchforks are in the southeast corner of the community room, and torches can be picked up at the corner of OHHELLNAW St. and NOTHEYDIDNT Blvd.

UPDATE! Jimmer and Charles Jenkins were included in the list of defendants because they are from New York, the suit was filed in New York and the NBA needed to make sure New York residents not under NBA contract were included in the suit.

Still, the NBA has opened up a Pandora's box of litigious Jimmerization. This shall not stand.