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Orange County, Yellow Journalism

Randy Youngman of the Orange County Register decided to write about the Sacramento Kings again. I'd be willing to wager that he does this to get some links from nonplussed Sacramento Kings blogs and the associated traffic, and also perhaps to stay in the good graces of Henry Samueli and George Maloof. But I'll bite. If Youngman gets some extra traffic but it comes at the price of a Google search result for his name reading something like Randy Youngman is quite ridiculous, transparent and intellectually vacant, then I'll consider it a fair trade. Trolls gotta eat too, y'all.

And it was hoped the Maloofs - brothers Joe, Gavin and George, the team's majority owners since 1999 - would be so blown away by the "Nexus Report," as the task force calls it, that they would smile for the cameras, shake hands with all of the politicians and, of course, thank Stern for forcefully dissuading them from moving the franchise to Anaheim earlier this year.

Except the Maloofs didn't show up for the announcement.

Nor did the NBA send anyone to show its support for the arena plan. (Stern is very busy trying to settle the NBA lockout, but surely he could have sent an emissary, if he thought it was important.)

This Is The Important Part Of A City Task Force Doing In 10 Months What The Business Minds Of The Maloof Family Could Not Do Over The Course Of 10 Years. This Is The Takeaway From Thursday. All You Need To Know Is That Even Though Sacramento Has Produced A Funding Plan For A New Arena, Neither The Maloofs Nor The NBA Showed Up To Enjoy The Presentation Of What They Had Already Seen And Also The Manicotti.

Then again, maybe the Maloofs and the NBA suits were notable no-shows because they had already seen the report and there wasn't much of substance on which to comment. Or maybe they weren't happy. The Kings did release a statement saying the financing report was a "very positive step," but it seemed hollow in their absence.

Calling the Maloofs liars is fair game, bit ain't s--t hollow about not showing up to a media briefing about a coddamn funding plan for a new arena in Sacramento. I'm not sure Youngman understands what actually happened at the Press Club.

Ever been invited to dinner and handed a menu to peruse, then asked to leave? That's probably how the media felt after they showed up for Thursday's announcement.

PROBABLY HUH. Except the city has been telling everyone that this was what was coming for weeks now.

So far, it's more of an outline than a plan. K.J. and his associates don't seem to be much farther along in the process than when the arena feasibility study was released in May, shortly after the Maloofs had bowed to NBA pressure and announced they would be staying in Sacramento another year.

In May: "Yes, we can probably find a way to build an arena." In September: "Here are the specific funding mechanisms that can be used to build an arena, and an estimate of how much each mechanism would bring in, and a list of the remaining issues to solve." NON-PROGRESS PROGRESS.

On that day, the Maloofs did show up for the city council meeting and were smiling in the photo ops.

What happened? Or what didn't happen between then and now?


Considering the report had been in the works for months, it would have been nice to see an estimate of how much funding could be expected from each possible revenue source.

Page 48, troll.

Did anyone ask the Maloofs how much they were willing to invest in the project as the arena's anchor tenant?

Oh crap, a comprehensive funding menu was presented but no one asked the Maloofs how much they'll kick in! What a gaffe! Oh wait the city has been talking to the NBA every day all summer.

And how much might an arena operator such as Anschutz Entertainment Group - yes, AEG vice president Michael Roth attended Thursday's publicity stunt - contribute to the pie?

Michael Roth was there! Since attendance is Youngman's key metric in determining enthusiasm, AEG is probably going to just pay for the whole thing! Right, Randy?

There still are numerous unanswered questions and details to hammer out before the NBA's March 1 deadline for having an arena financing plan in place [...]

Indeed. No one disputes this.

If progress is slow, it's anybody's guess how long the Maloofs will wait before they start talking to Anaheim officials again.

Maybe they won't wait until lunch. It's anybody's guess.

Officials from Anaheim Arena Management, the Henry Samueli-owned company that runs Honda Center for the City of Anaheim, are staying out of this one. 

Ha ha! Youngman's got jokes.

They won't even say they're still interested if the Sacramento arena plan falls through ...

Holy s--t. Really?

... but it's safe to assume that, with planned arena upgrades scheduled to begin in the next month.

Oh. So they are still interested. So this sentence was ridiculous. At least you're consistent, brother.

The Nexus Report will be delivered to the Sacramento City Council on Tuesday.

More non-progress progress/things the city had said it would be doing all along!

Here we go again?

You bet your ass.