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Be Heard At City Hall: Tonight at 6 PM

A friendly reminder that at tonight's Sacramento City Council meeting, both the Nexus Report outlining funding mechanisms for a downtown entertainment and sports complex and a report on further considerations on the location will be presented. This is a great opportunity for Kings fans and others who support a new entertainment facility and a revitalized downtown to make their voice heard. We encourage folks to show up early, wear purple if they can, and show/tell the city why this is important to you, why this is important to Sacramento.

You can speak to the City Council by filling out a speaker slip at the meeting before it begins. At 5:30, the finalists of the Citizen Architect Competition are being unveiled; the council meeting begins at 6.

City Hall is at 915 I Street. Comment here if you plan to attend. We may not have NBA basketball to go root for any time soon, but we can still come together and cheer for something important.