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Think Big Sacramento Releases Kings Arena Funding Report

It's here! Think Big Sacramento released the Nexus Report on funding options for a new entertainment and sports complex that would host the Sacramento Kings on Thursday. You can download the PDF here.

Mayor Kevin Johnson, Sacramento City Councilman Rob Fong, state Sen. President Pro-Tem Darrell Steinberg, state Sen. Ted Gaines, Think Big Sacramento director Chris Lehane and arena financing expert Dan Barrett presented the plan to the Sacramento Press Club on Thursday. Barrett and Lehane went over the basic considerations, while Mayor KJ set the table going forward.

KJ focused on the economic impact and job creation potential. He said he wants the funding sources solidified by January 2012; the NBA's deadline is set for March 2012. Among the biggest issues left to be ascertained: the lease agreement with the Maloofs, how the contribution from parking and public land sales will work and how the Maloofs' outstanding $67 million loan will be handled.

Four more months to figure it out. The next step comes Tuesday when the Sacramento City Council hears the plan.