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Kings Release Statement On Sacramento Arena Report

The Sacramento Kings released a statement on Thursday's unveiling of the Think Big Sacramento Nexus Report on funding for a new entertainment and sports complex. It is below.

"The Kings organization views The Nexus Report as a very positive step toward the goal of a new entertainment and sports complex that will bring substantial economic benefits to the entire region and we hope will enable the team to continue playing in Sacramento. We were pleased with the report's conclusion that funding for the project can be achieved using various revenue sources, none of which involve any broad-based tax. We look forward to continuing to work with all interested parties to bring the project to completion."

We'll see what they say when the city comes knocking with a carbon copy of the lease deal the Maloofs were fixin' to sign to move to and play in Anaheim. (Minus the $50 million loan to cover relocation fees, mind you.)