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Kings 96, Hornets 80: Tyreke Evans Explodes As Sacramento Gets A W

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Nothing to see here! The Sacramento Kings are just fine, you guys. In all seriousness, the Kings picked up a great 96-80 win over the visiting New Orleans Hornets on Sunday, with DeMarcus Cousins suspended for conduct detrimental to Paul Westphal's ego the team. The Kings didn't shoot sharply on offense (41 percent, worse than their bad season average), but turnovers were limited (just 10), they hit free throws (85 percent) and the Hornets were abysmal on offense.

Tyreke Evans was the clear-cut star, with 27 points, four rebounds, three assists and four turnovers. He shot 9-18 from the floor, 2-3 from long-range and -- perhaps most notably -- 7-8 from the line. Marcus Thornton was strong, too, with 25 points on 9-18 shooting, six rebounds, five steals and a turnover.

The Hornets missed all 15 three-pointers they took. Jarrett Jack shot 3-11 for six points with eight assists and eight turnovers. New Orleans totaled 19 turnovers, which negated the team's 22 offensive rebounds. Evans and Thornton were aggressive in the passing lanes and pressuring the ball, and the Hornets are pretty sloppy on offense. (How could they not be with that roster?)

The Kings will travel Monday to prep for a back-to-back-to-back this week. We await to see whether Cousins will join them.