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No One Is Terribly Satisfied With the J.J. Hickson-Omri Casspi Deal

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Cavs: The Blog, a blog about the Cavs, seeks to squelch early yells in Cleveland that are complaining about June's Omri Casspi-J.J. Hickson trade by pointing out how awful J.J. Hickson has been, not just this season, but basically for his entire NBA career. So while Casspi has been bad as Cleveland's starting small forward, Hickson has been just as bad if not worse.

If neither player develops this season, it looks like the trade would have been a wash ... if not for the protected draft pick that the Kings sent back to Cleveland. That pick will stay with the Kings in 2012 unless they make the playoffs, and is protected in the top 13 in 2013, top 12 in 2014 and top 10 from 2015 through 2017. If the Kings have a top-10 pick through 2017, it becomes a second-round pick. Also, the Kings will have not made the playoffs in 11 seasons. At some point, it will likely be handed over somewhere between No. 10 and 20.

That's the potential rain cloud hanging over this deal. The Kings bet that Hickson would be productive enough to better than Casspi plus a mid-first round pick. Hickson looks like a replacement level player compared to the Kings' two other healthy bigs. He could turn it around under Keith Smart and come into his own while Chuck Hayes heals, but would anyone bet on that happening at this point? Has anyone seen any glimpses of greatness lurking within?

There's time -- not a ton, as Hickson's a restricted free agent in July -- but right now this looks like a(nother) bad bet for Geoff Petrie.