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Marcus Thornton Out For Kings Vs. Raptors

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The Kings have announced that Marcus Thornton will sit again on Wednesday against the Toronto Raptors. Thornton missed Tuesday's loss to the Philadelphia 76ers with a thigh contusion. Jimmer Fredette started in Thornton's place on Tuesday, and that'd be expected to be the decision again.

Thornton is the team's leading per-game scorer, and Sacramento definitely missed his shot creation abilities on the perimeter against Philly. In the start Tuesday, Jimmer went just 2-7 with three assists and three turnovers, and took only two three-pointers. If Thornton isn't playing and Jimmer isn't taking threes, the Kings really aren't going to do much from beyond the arc. And so it was: Sacramento was 4-19 from long-range on Tuesday, with John Salmons going 0-6.

Isaiah Thomas and Francisco Garcia each played 26 minutes with Thornton out on Tuesday, but at least for Cold Blooded, part of that was the margin in the second half. Evans only played 25 minutes because it became a blowout early in the third.