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Mavericks 99, Kings 60: Yes, It Was As Bad As You Think

The Sacramento Kings had basically the worst game ever on Saturday, losing 99-60 to the Dallas Mavericks. The Kings set the franchise record for fewest points in a half (23 in the first) and came within one point of the record low for a game (59 in 1991 against the Hornets). The Kings broke their record for lowest field goal percentage in a game (25.6 percent, beating the 27.9 percent from that epic 45-point home loss to the Celtics in 2008). This game finishes No. 2 in fewest field goals made (22) and ties for the fifth-worst all-time in assists (10) and registered as the sixteen worst loss by point differential in Sacramento history.

Other than that, it was great.

The best shooter in the starting lineup was John Salmons at 3-7. DeMarcus Cousins was No. 2 at 4-12. Four of 12. Marcus Thornton, back from injury, went 4-14 for 14 points. J.J. Hickson was 1-8. Tyreke Evans and Jimmer Fredette, two of the three guards who, with Thornton, played at least 20 minutes, combined for two made field goals in 16 shots over 54 minutes.

The offense looked truly awful from the start, with everyone freelancing and taking shots off of the dribble instead of from crisp passes in scoring position. The team seemed to play hard throughout, but almost never played smart. The Kings were suffocated all night, as Dallas seemed to know exactly what Sacramento wanted to do and stopped it. Every Cousins post-up or Evans drive was swarmed. Jimmer was hounded constantly, unable to spring free with the ball or not. Salmons was Salmons -- he worked hard and had some good defensive plays, but missed the few open shots he got and was overpowered frequently. Hickson is still energetic and appears to have good intentions on the court, but he's just a mess of fast-twitch muscle with no clear plan on any given possession. (He is in his fourth season.)

That was just ugly.