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Cameraman Eggs On DeMarcus Cousins, Dallas Media Blows It Up

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Seriously, this is what DeMarcus Cousins is going to have to deal with forever.

A Dallas reporter, Dwain Price of the Ft. Worth Star-Telegram, cavalierly reported Saturday night that Cousins had to be restrained from going after a cameraman in the locker room against the Kings' brutal loss to the Mavericks Saturday. And hell, why not? It fits the narrative.

Of course, Price was overstating the incident in ridiculous fashion. Jason Jones of the Sacramento Bee cleared it up; Brian Floyd of summed up Jones' tweets.

Cousins was getting dressed and there was a cameraman standing in front of him and Cousins asked could he not point the camera at him while he changed. The cameraman said the camera was off, and Cousins said he still didn't want camera on him. Cameraman's reply: "whatever." Cousins basicailly said, I don't care, keep the camera off me. As cameraman leaves he makes a remark about making sure the camera was off. Next time he was in there. Cousins asks "what did he say" and stands up. Isaiah Thomas grabbed Cousins by his sweatshirt to say calm down.

At no point did Cousins try to go after the cameraman. Cousins then gathered his belongings and left the locker room. Then said cameraman came to media room to talk about Crazy DMC, not mentioning that he did egg on DMC some with last comment. But no, DMC DID NOT go after him, chase him, etc. Looks/sounds much worse than it was. Used some bad language, which he can't do.

Dear cameramen in NBA locker rooms: if you don't want to have DeMarcus Cousins say bad words to you, don't give him sh-t when he requests that you point your camera away from his crotch? Pretty simple, right?

Jones has more on the Bee's blog.