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Samuel Dalembert Free Agent Breakdown Remains Somewhat Of A Mystery

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The circumstances regarding the failed signing of Samuel Dalembert in December remains a mystery, though The Bee's Jason Jones peered into the situation in a talk with the Haitian Sensation last week. Remember: a deal between Dalembert and the Kings was said to be nearly compete the day after Sacramento was forced to void Chuck Hayes' contract. The next day, the Kings sent out a one-sentence statement announcing that negotiations with Dalembert had been called; within minutes, Dalembert had reportedly reached a deal with the Houston Rockets. The following reports indicated that the Kings had offered more guaranteed salary than Dalembert took in Houston.

Dalembert is still clearly upset about that public statement, though.

"You know that's the business is and sometimes there's bad blood," Dalembert said. "I was expecting a more professional approach but obviously some people handle things differently. To me obviously they were upset and I wasn't wrong. I feel bad, they have a great fan base over there, I loved playing over there but I had the feeling they really didn't want me back. For them to come out and say something like that it shows they really didn't have it in mind to get me back. It's the way it is and it's the way the business is and I've had to deal with it."

In fairness to the Kings, though the statement was really odd and surprising, they were likely reacting in anger to Dalembert apparently stringing them along while negotiating with Houston. It cuts both ways, and it is a business.

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