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Kings vs. Timberwolves Preview: STARS LOST AND FOUND

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A path not taken
leaves Sactown wond'ren if they
have made the right choice.

Sacramento Kings at Minnesota Timberwolves
5 p.m. Pacific on Comcast SportsNet California

The Kings try to forget all about that shellacking in Dallas against a worse but able team in the Wolves up in Minnesota. Sacramento remains largely awful on offense on the road. The Kings have an effective field goal percentage of 39.2 percent on the road this season vs. 45.1 percent at home. The two other ugly home-road splits: two extra turnovers per game on the road, and a stunning eight fewer free throws per game.

And it isn't as if the Kings are champions at home, you know?

Sacramento has a brief respite after the Wolves game, heading home to face the Pacers before returning to the road for three more. If there's good news, it's that the Wolves haven't been great at home, just 2-5 with a -0.7 points per game margin. Minnesota has actually been better on the road (2-3, +1.4/game).

The Wolves very strangely have the league's No. 21 offense and No. 9 defense; those should flip at some point this season. On offense, the Wolves struggle to handle the ball cleanly, at No. 29 in turnover rate. Luckily for the Kings, they also struggle to create turnovers and rebound defensively; DeMarcus Cousins could have a big game here, as his downfall is coughing up the ball and getting blocked out at the rim.

It's a 5 p.m. game. Game threads at 5 and 6:30. I'm sure no one will talk about Ricky and Reke if the Kings struggle on offense. I'm positive.

Let's go Kings!