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FOX 40 To Air 'Small Market, Big Heart' On Saturday

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As reported by Jim Crandell earlier Monday, FOX 40 will broadcast the documentary Small Market, Big Heart on Saturday at 4 p.m. Pacific. SMBH documents the Kings' stay in Sacramento to date and the fans' and community's work to keep them.

Small Market, Big Heart premiered in Sacramento at the Crest Theatre earlier this month to flawless reviews. Produced by Friends of StR James Ham and Blake Ellington and directed by Tobin Halsey, the doc is entirely a local affair and includes archived footage of early Kings games and interviews with Marcos Breton, Jerry Reynolds, Kevin Johnson, Grant Napear and more.

The doc will air on FOX 40 from 4-5:30 on Saturday. The Kings play Memphis on Saturday, which could cause a slight overlap.

Future screenings at area theatres and a DVD release of the documentary are in the works. As we well know, the fight to keep the Kings and get an arena built is still cranking on. Stay tuned in the next few days for info on a Here We Stay/Sactown Royalty Night at the arena.

UPDATE: The story originally posted a Sunday showing - this has now been corrected to Saturday.