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Kings' 1-4 Road Trip At A Glance: Dry Heaves Ahoy

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The good news is that the Sacramento Kings will not go 0-33 on the road this season. Thank you, Toronto. The bad news is that the Sacramento Kings might go 1-32 on the road this season, because God, they are awful on the road.

Here's a look at that mercifully over 1-4 road trip the Kings just ended.


The Kings scored an average of 83.5 points, with a low of (wretch) 60 (barf) and a high of 98. The Kings had an average effective field goal percentage of .405 on the trip, which comes out to 0.81 points per field goal attempt. League average this season is .481 eFG, or 0.962 points/FGA.

The Kings' offensive efficiency for the trip: 87.4 points per 100 possessions. League average this season: 99.9. Holy Lord Almighty.


The Kings allowed an average of 100.8 points per game, meaning that the margin of (un-)victory was -17.3. (This actually improved the team's road margin for the season. Thanks, Raptors!) Oppoents shot an eFG of .516, or 1.08 points per FGA. That shooting difference between the Kings and their opponents is worth roughly 21.6 points per game, completely swamping the Kings' big free throw advantage and strong offensive rebounding.

The Kings' defensive efficiency for the trip: 105.5. So the Kings' offense was 13.5 points per 100 possessions worse than average, and the defense was 5.6 points worse.

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