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Keith Smart And Accountability

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I promise not to do this forever, but given that the Kings' coaching change is still just a couple weeks old and interesting quotes continue to trickle out, I figure this should be added to the Westphalian canon. DeMarcus Cousins talked to J. Michael Falgoust of USA Today about how Keith Smart has run the team since taking over.

Has your approach changed with Smart as your coach?

"It has. Everything has been positive right now. Coach isn't scared to speak his mind. He's going to tell the truth. He's going to tell you how it should be and how it's not going to be. He sets his guidelines and we all go by them. That's something that we needed from the beginning. Coach is going to be real. If you mess up he's going to tell you, 'You messed up.' That's all we needed from the beginning."

So you didn't have that structure under Westphal?

"We didn't, honestly. And it showed."

Somewhere, Spencer Hawes is nodding.

Of course, the proof will be in the pudding down the line.