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Geoff Petrie Takes Some More Fire

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Ailene Voisin of the Sacramento Bee trained her inkwell on Kings president of basketball operations Geoff Petrie in today's paper. The column doesn't call for the personnel boss' job, but it does point out how awful his recent moves look and includes this j'accuse from league sources:

[T]here has been enough chatter about the Kings to warrant attention. Embittered former Kings basketball employees speak of a paranoid, oppressive culture at their former job site. General managers complain about Petrie's reclusive nature. More than one team executive - frustrated by attempts to engage Petrie in trade talks - has taken the back-channel route to the Maloofs.

I thought Geoff Petrie was supposed to be so good that other GMs hid from him?

The heat on Petrie is growing increasingly warmer. He's running out of time to explain this away some six years after the team's last playoff bid. Don't be surprised if we start a hear about the Maloofs talking to potential, no-doubt cheap replacements.