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Sacramento Parking Plan Drawing Robust National Interest

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Tony Bizjak of the Sacramento Bee quotes Sacramento city officials who are pleased with the initial interest in a plan to lease the city's parking facilities to help provide up-front capital to build a new entertainment and sports complex downtown and, as a result, keep the Kings in town. The deadline for proposals from companies wishing to lease the parking facilities is January 30. Assistant City Manager John Danberg told Bizjak that the companies looking to bid on the Sacramento program is promising.

Twenty-five entities, including most of the country's largest parking companies, notified the city they are considering applying to manage city downtown parking facilities, in exchange for paying hundreds of millions of dollars upfront to help the city build an arena.

"It's a strong list," Assistant City Manager John Dangberg said Thursday. "We're pleased with the level of response."

There are a few other news bits in Bizjak's report, including that the City Council is expected to receive an update on the negotiations with the NBA and AEG as well as on the parking proposal on Feb. 14. That would allow the council to vote to approve a parking proposal and term sheet with the NBA and AEG at the Feb. 14 or Feb. 28 council meetings. The deadline for the Maloofs to file for relocation is March 1, though the league twice extended that deadline last year.