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Kings vs. Spurs: YOU AGAIN

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Our respite at home
was but a brief interlude
in this march of pain.

Sacramento Kings at San Antonio Spurs
5:30 p.m. Pacific on Comcast SportsNet California

The Kings picked up a win at home on Wednesday over the Pacers, an improbable little bit of magic to draw the team's record to the somewhat quasi-respectable 5-10. But the offense remained abysmal, as it was for most of the five-game road trip that preceded the game.

Now, it's back out on the road, with the Spurs up first. The Spurs are powerful at home, having lost just once zero times there this season. Manu Ginobili is out, but Tony Parker remains just a hair under elite, Tim Duncan is still strong and DeJuan Blair, Gary Neal, Richard Jefferson and Tiago Splitter can be dangerous, especially to a team who is still assessing its own defense.

The good news is that San Antonio's bench defense is quite a fall-off, and the Kings' bench seems to perform better on offense than the starters. A sliver of opportunity! Other than containing Parker, a task likely left to Tyreke Evans, the Kings will need to keep Blair off the offensive glass as much as possible; Indiana got far too many second chances, especially late. The Kings actually aren't great on the defensive glass, so this could turn into an issue.

Game's at 5:30. Game threads at 5:30 and 7. Let's go Kings!