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On DeMarcus Cousins' Development

Despite the loss, DeMarcus Cousins had another strong stat line for the Kings Our friend Kevin Pelton of Basketball Prospectus attended the Kings' Monday game in Portland and wrote up a piece on Cousins' development, including quotes from Keith Smart:

"I'm pleased with the way he's playing," Smart said after the game. "He's making big-time steps--the steps the franchise wants him to make at this age in his second year. He's on a great pace right now of doing the things I want, doing the things the team need him to do: Good energy, being a passer and decision-maker, rebounding, getting in better shape. Across the board, he's doing everything. He's showing he can play a little bit longer. He's on track."

It's a highly encouraging read that I highly encourage you to check out in full.