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Kings' Local Ratings Up 33% This Season

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Comcast SportsNet California released some good news on Tuesday: ratings for Sacramento Kings games shown on the network are up 33 percent over last year, drawing an average rating of 2.37. (That means that 2.37 percent of all television households in the Sacramento market are watching a Kings games when it's on. This even counts the 30-point losses!)

Ratings have grown in key areas, as well: adults 18-49 are up 98 percent and men 18-49 are up 67 percent.

There's one more interesting note: to date, attendance at home games is up 10 percent. Attendance had grown last season over the previous year, so we're seeing some sustained growth in this area. Given that the team remains in the cellar, this shows should pretty incredible commitment on the part of Kings fans ... and some excellent work by the franchise's sales team and the league's SWAT team of business folks. And, of course, we need to bow at the altar of Jim Gray.

It's not all good on the court, and there are significant hurdles remaining in the way of a long-term solution to keep the Kings in Sacramento. But as fans, we're sure as heck doing our part.