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Let's Remind The Country Why Sacramento Deserves The Kings

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The Sacramento Kings are on national television once this year, on February 9 against the Oklahoma City Thunder. It's poetic in a number of ways, not the least of which is that the Thunder were the last team to be relocated, and our Kings might be the next.

While our friends in the blog game have been excellent at helping us spread the word about the situation here over the past 11 months, this is really the last opportunity for Sacramento to speak to a truly national audience about why the NBA needs to stay here. It's also one of our best opportunities as fans to speak to the greater Sacramento region -- those who watch SportsCenter, those who watch the local news -- about how important the next couple months are in terms of securing the plans for a new entertainment and sports complex. Because it will be on TNT, this game will be covered heavily locally and nationally.

So we need to turn that gym out on February 9. Here We Stay and Sactown Royalty are asking fans to do the same thing we did against the Clippers and Thunder last season: turn up, and turn it out. Blow the doors off. Get the building full -- the Kings are running a few specials, including two lower-level tickets for $65 -- and wear black and get loud. Bring some creative signs to get onto Inside the NBA, too.

Ed will dropping in chant instructions next week, and we'll be asking for volunteers to a) pass out flyers/chant sheets at the entrances before the game, and b) print their own and pass them around their row/section. In the meantime, let's get this game sold out so we can remind the nation why Sacramento has the best fans in the league. We can see the light. Let's go get it.